Enzo Scordamaglia

He has been a pioneer in China for Italian Design Brands both in Furniture and Building Materials.
Starting in 2001 he introduced most of the Top Brands of the Italian furniture design in China: B&B, Maxalto,Flexform, Boffi Kitchen, Living Divani, Porro, Cappellini, Moroso, Armani Casa, Poliform, Varenna, Tisettante, Elam, Penta, Flos, Baxter, Euromobil, Paola Lenti and others.

He started the project of Spazio Italia Design in China with Teo Family. He is the Founder and M.D. of ES Designtrend.

Phone: +39 335 424343
WeChat: enzospaziodesign

“A person without any dreams left, no longer has a reason to live. Dreaming is necessary, even if you need to catch a glimpse of reality in your dreams. For me, this is one of the principles of life.
I have been privileged, as I have always led a good life. But everything I have achived in life, I have earned it with the committent and the very strong desire to reach my goals, to win, in life, not as a racing driver. So let me tell you that whoever you are in life, whether you are on the lowest rung in the ladderor on the top one, you need to have greaat strength and plenty of determination and you need to face everything with passion, with love and faith in God and one day you will achive your goal and you will be successful”

Ayrton Senna

Michael Zhang

Joined Spazio Italia Design in 2007.
Today, after years of constant growth, he is partner and shareholder of ES Designtrend.
He is the Sales Director and  the China Office Manager. He is based in Shanghai.

Phone: +86 135 85546651
WeChat: Michael-zhangxusheng